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Gatlinburg, Tennessee
August 20-27, 2023

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The Ultimate
Detox and Rejuvination Experiance

You are invited to join us for an extraordinary detox and rejuvenation experience at the Foundation of Life Retreat. Our destination will be the beautiful Le Conte Estate in the Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Our retreat program is unique, and we utilize the best protocols to help you achieve your highest health goals. It is time to experience ultimate vitality!


This majestic and stunning estate lodge is nestled on top of Big Yellow Mountain, one of the Appalachian elevations. Guests will enjoy an unobstructed, almost 360-degree panorama with long-range 50-mile views and bold ridgelines, creating an unforgettable breathtaking horizon. This natural environment makes Autumn Ridge a peaceful and calming respite, perfect for healing and rejuvenation.


It is time to experience ultimate vitality! At the Foundation of Life Retreat, you will experience the highest level of luxury, health, and glorious renewal. You will have the opportunity to learn about the latest cutting-edge information from some of the world’s leading health experts. You are invited to a world of your own where deadlines are replaced with yoga, light exercise, rebounding, relaxing hot tub, saunas, massage,  Chaga tea, ultimate living nutrition, Raw Living Spirulina, fresh Florida coconut water, fresh green juices, fresh spring water and delicious plant-based cuisine made from organic ingredients from local farmers. You don’t want to miss this experience!


You will never want to leave this heavenly place feeling this good. Nature’s majestic beauty will surround you as you attend yoga, meditation, enjoy the hot tub, sauna, have a massage, enjoy chaga tea around the campfire and attend some health education classes.

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