June 18-24, 2018

Foundation of Life Retreat

I am very excited about my next retreat! Please join me in Flagstaff, Arizona for the Foundation of Life Retreat on June 18 thru 24, 2018. This is the only Raw Living Spirulina Retreat in history. Every day each cell in your body will be dancing with joy as you supply yourself with the most nutritious food on the planet. Combined with daily rigorous exercise this is going to be a very fun, exciting and rejuvenating experience. You will recharge your Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit and Life-Passion. ​This retreat will be a perfect balance between self-healing, fitness and adventure. Here is what is on the agenda:

  • Fresh Florida green coconut water

  • Raw Living Spirulina

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Red Rocks Mountain biking

  • Fitness activities

  • Health & wellness lifestyle lectures & workshops

  • Fasting and detox

  • Re-feeding with delicious nourishing food

  • Siberian Chaga tea

  • and so much more!

Take a vacation for your health! The vibrant setting of Flagstaff Arizona makes it the ideal location for exercise, rejuvenation, healing and reflection. This peaceful setting will allow you to truly relax and reset your mind, body and spirit. Prices start at $1,100 for 6 days – all inclusive.


West Palm Beach, FL, USA

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