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Raw Vegan Pad Thai Recipe

Enjoy this short video on how to make the best Raw Vegan Pad Thai ever! This incorporates a flavorful combo of sweet, savory and spicy. This recipe is also in my book.

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The Ultimate Living Food

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

I absolutely LOVE Raw Living Spirulina! It gives me energy, increases my mental clarity and improves my tennis and ping pong games. It seems to make my reaction times better. I also sleep better and wake feeling more rested. The Raw Living Spirulina took away a nagging and persistent pain in my neck that I have had for decades. To consume it I stir it in with coconut water, add it to my green juice or eat it right off the spoon.

Raw Living Spirulina is an edible algae that is the world’s most powerful superfood. Spirulina has been consumed by humans for food and as medicine for at least 8000 years. It is a fundamental food at the very bottom of the food chain which means its concentrated nutrients are very highly bioavailable. Raw Living Spirulina is literally the Foundation of Life! It contains an abundance of living vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and antioxidents. It has 10 times the chlorophyll of wheatgrass juice and it has many times the betacarotene as carrots. It contains high amounts of the super nutrient phycocyanin. It is by far, the highest source of protein on the planet.

Raw Living Spirulina is sustainably grown in enclosed greenhouses at our commercial algae farm here in South Florida. It likes warm water, high pH, lots of minerals and lots of light. We use only the cleanest water and the best quality vegan nutrients. The ponds are constantly being monitored by our microbiologist for purity and quality. The only by-product of the growing process is pure oxygen!

Raw Living Spirulina has every single nutraceutical known to man in it. According to NASA, 1 pound of Spirulina is equal to 1000 pounds of fresh vegetables. The world health organization (WHO) has called Spirulina the most balanced complete and nutritious superfood on earth. The United Nations has called Spirulina "THE MOST IDEAL FOOD FOR MANKIND." The USDA has declared Spirulina to be "THE FUTURE OF NUTRITION." When you flood your body with the concentrated and highly bioavailable super-nutrients contained in the Raw Living Spirulina that everything seems to get better.

When it is fresh it smells and it tastes great! Unlike the powdered or frozen algae products, Raw Living Spirulina has never been cooked, spray-dried, frozen or processed in any way. The omega-3’s have not gone rancid by overheating or with extended aging. Raw Living Spirulina is simply harvested fresh from the pond, put in the jar and delivered to you in its’ pure and pristine form. This way the nutrients many of which are heat sensitive are preserved and more bioavailable to your cells.

The most important of these nutrients is the Life-Force Energy which is only available in truly Living Foods. This bio-electricity can jumpstart sick cells back to life. I think to all comes down to what health luminaries such as Brian Clement, Anna Maria Clement, Viktoras Kulvinskas and Ann Wigmore have been trying to tell us all along. "Living Foods" is where the magic happens. Living Foods are so powerful they are medicinal. Fresh is best and living foods are the ultimate in freshness.

Living foods get their electrical charges from the highly charged electrons emitted by the sun. The food then condenses this sunlight energy into the plant and feeds it to the body’s cells when we eat it fresh. This is good news for us as it awakens static molecules in our system, which is why living foods have such a high healing power. Only truly living foods have this bio-electricity which increases the electrical potential between the capillaries and the cells. This electrical potential improves the absorption of nutrients and accelerates the elimination of endogenous waste. Each jar of Raw Living Spirulina has 25 billion living cells. That is a lot of life-force energy!

Humans are designed to be fresh food eaters. Fresh food tastes the better and contains the highest nutritional value. Living foods are the ultimate in freshness and Raw Living Spirulina is the ultimate living food! To learn more click here.

You are invited to join me at the Foundation of Life Retreat in Evergreen, Colorado, August 9-16, 2022. Here we will be serving massive amounts of Raw Living Spirulina every day. This will be an unforgettable week for detox and rejuvenation at the top of the world in a magical sanctuary that is literally “Above the Clouds” For details click here. I hope to see you there!:)

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