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AamoraA Harmonizing Pendant

AamoraA Harmonizing Pendant

The AamoraA Pendant is a functional device. It protects you against chaotic electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and brings them into harmony with your body’s own natural biorhythms. The natural frequency of the earth, humans, plants and animals is approximately 10 Hz. When we are exposed to frequencies much higher than this it upsets our balance and disrupts cellular communication.


The electricity moving through homes and buildings is around 60+ Hz. Cell phones, microwaves, fluorescent lighting, Wi-Fi routers, radios, TV’s, computers, electronics, cars and all digital devices frequently operate at frequencies much, much higher than that. These disruptive frequencies also pulse with a chaotic an irregular rate. These artificial EMF’s are all around us 24/7 and they affect us! Even people with negative intentions emit energy which can challenge us. The AamoraA pendent balances all of these chaotic frequencies. In this modern age of digital electronics and devices we always need to wear an AamoraA pendent to balance our energetic and our physical health.


This unique AamoraA pendent is infused with select microscopic minerals combined to create harmonic resonance. ​​​​​ This balances your energies with the earth. The AamoraA Harmonizing Pendant keeps you balanced. This attractive functional device is made from the nut of the tagua tree. Tagua, is also called "vegan ivory", as it looks and feels just like ivory. They are handpicked from the rain forest of South America. This helps to preserve the elephants and the rain forest. These AamoraA's are individually handmade with the intention of harmony, using a sophisticated proprietary technique.


Wear your AamoraA Pendant 24/7. It is attractive, light, unobtrusive and waterproof. It has a cumulative effect the longer you wear it. The AamoraA Pendant contains no metal. It is made from tagua which is a natural nut. The only care needed is to rub in a small amount of shea butter, coconut oil or any other good quality plant oil as often as you can. Every AamoraA is handmade with LOVE.

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