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Raw Living Spirulina Gourmet Supreme | One 16oz. Jar | Free Shipping!

Raw Living Spirulina Gourmet Supreme | One 16oz. Jar | Free Shipping!

SKU: Supreme1

Raw Living Spirulina is a 100% bioavailable superfood containing a wealth of phytonutrients, rich in antioxidants (phycocyanin, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, GLA, SOD, zeaxanthin) plus a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and all essential amino acids. RAW LIVING SPIRULINA is the ultimate SUPERFOOD! 


This is a very unique form of spirulina that you will not find anywhere else. It is fresh, truly raw and living. It has never been frozen, spray dried, dehydrated or powdered. It is delivered to you fresh with no processing. This gourmet supreme spirulina is a delicacy. It has the consistency of a green mousse and it smells and tastes great! In this fresh raw living form it is many orders of magnitude more powerful than any powder or frozen edible algae product.


This nutrient dense WHOLE Plant Based Living FOOD contains 65 bio-active vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, 70% complete PROTEIN and most importantly, all the essential living enzymes.  


Our SUPREME (1 lb) glass jar of 100% PURE raw living spirulina (Arthrospira Maxima X1) contains 25 BILLION living spirulina cells, is non-GMO and VEGAN. Living Spirulina is 100% BIO-AVAILABLE unlike powders that are less than 2%. 


Our gourmet SUPREME is our signature product, and we are proud to offer this truly unique LIVING NUTRITION. Florida Grown.

Harvested FRESH weekly for your HEALTH! Raw Living Spirulina is safe for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder (MCSD.) And, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome (MCSS) or MCS safe.


This is a fresh food. It must be kept refrigerated and it must be used within 12 days or frozen in ice cube trays for single servings. It will be shipped to you in glass jars FedEx Express in an insulated cooler box with ice packs.


Ships to USA only lower 48.


    1. All the products on Raw Living Spirulina (Kyanos Farms) site are perishable, this means that unfortunately the right to cancel an order does not apply once the product has been shipped. Your Spirulina is harvested by order, please contact us at least 48 hours before the harvest date for any changes. 

    2. If your product arrives damaged due to FedEx we will refund the price in full along with the relevant delivery charges. Send us pictures via digital electronic date/time/location stamps of the box and product. 

    3. Refunds will be made using the same payment method and same account as used to pay for your order. 

    4. Our products are perishable and need to be refrigerated upon delivery. We will not be held responsible for spoilt products due to customers not being available upon delivery to collect and place immediately into the refrigerator.


    100% Satisfation Guaranteed


    Harvesting & Packaging: We harvest fresh every week Sunday & Monday when the Spirulina reaches it's harvestability stage. We allow 24 hours for the spirulina to concentrate and cool before packing. We do not freeze or process our spirulina. Our Raw Living Spirulina is packaged fresh in glass jars. 

    Shipping: We only ship on Tuesday and Wednesday via FedEx 1-2 day only since our Living Spirulina is perishable. 

    Please check all shipping addresses carefully. We are shipping perishable goods and cannot guarantee the condition of the package if the delivery service has to reroute the cooler. We deliver only to the addresses we are provided; which are confirmed on the order acknowledgement. Please confirm immediately when your receive this.

    Receiving: Raw Living Spirulina is perishable and must be placed in the refrigerator or freezer immediately upon delivery. It is important that someone is available to receive the package on the date it arrives. 

    Tracking numbers will be entered into your order when shipped and you will be notified via email. Packages should be received Tuesday - Friday depending on your location.

    Please sign up for FedEx delivery manager to receive automatic updates for all your FedEx deliveries.

    Summer time thoughts: If you live in a home where FedEx leaves packages outside in an location where the sun is shining, we highly recommend that you think about creating a designated (Fedex) space in which the package can be left that will not have direct sunlight. 

    Such ideas include: 

    1. A wood box with a lid

    2. A shaded area

    3. A large cooler

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