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How to Grow the Best Wheatgrass

Brian Hetrich - Wheatgrass

It is very easy to grow wheatgrass at home. The ideal temperature range is between 65-75 degrees F and humidity less than 50%. You want plenty of indirect sunlight and plenty of artificial light (full-spectrum is best) but, no direct sunlight. You will need at least 5000 lumens. This is abput the light level in your kitchen. Keep the lights on for about twelve hours a day and turn them off at night. A little bit of gentle air movement is also a very good idea. A ceiling fan on low somewhere nearby is all that is needed.

Here is how to grow the best wheatgrass:

Supplies Needed:

2 - 10” X 10” trays with holes

1 – one quart mason jar

1 – sprout lid

1 cup organic red hard winter wheat berries

1 quart organic potting mix

Spray bottle and a watering pitcher



Place 1 cup of red hard winter wheat berries in 1 quart wide mouth Mason jar equipped with a sprouting lid and soak in fresh filtered water for 8 hours. It is best to do this indoors at room temperature.


Drain the soak water and rinse the seeds three times over the next 36 hours on 12 hour intervals. Leave the jar upside down between rinses propped at a 45 degree angle in a dish rack so it can continue to drain. Always use fresh filtered room-temperature water for rinsing.


Place ½” of organic potting mix a 10” X 10” tray with holes. Spread the potting mix out to the four corners until it is evenly distributed. Place a second empty tray on top and lightly compact the potting mix. Pre-moisten the potting mix by spraying heavy with a spray bottle. Use fresh filtered water. Spread the geminated seeds out evenly on top of the potting mix. Mist again heavy and cover with an empty tray. Keep your tray propped up using spacers above a drain pan so that it does not sit in its’ own drain water.


Water your wheatgrass twice a day for a total of seven days. Always use fresh filtered water. Water enough until the tray just begins to drip. Replace the empty cover tray after each watering for the first three days. The cover tray is no longer needed after day three.


Harvest your wheatgrass while it is still young no later than at the beginning of the jointing stage when the grass blade “splits.” This is when you will see a second blade grow out from the base of the plant. Harvest the entire tray at this stage to halt the growing process. Cut the grass just above the soil line with a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. While it is always best to juice your wheatgrass right away when it is freshly cut, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to five days. Clean you trays, lids, and jars really well between each crop with a good strong natural organic dish soap.