Don't Refuse the Kiss!:)

What we commonly call the Mistletoe actually belongs to a species of parasitic plants that live off the water and nutrients of a host plant which can be any tree or bush. The Mistletoe plant propagates itself through the wanderings of birds who eat the berries of the plant and then spread the undigested seeds through their excrement, by regurgitation, or by wiping the seeds stuck to their bills on an appropriate branch. The seeds are coated with a sticky material that allows them to cling to the limbs of branches where they take root.

Mistletoe plays an important role in nature by providing biodiversity.


While no part of the plant is edible for humans, a number of other animals rely on it for food and shelter. Areas with greater mistletoe densities support higher diversification of plants and animals. Hence, its association with fertility and vitality. This is no doubt behind the longstanding tradition for lovers to kiss while standing under the mistletoe. This tradition allows a man to kiss any woman standing underneath mistletoe and it is considered bad luck for the woman if she refuses the kiss!


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  • Temazcal – the ancient Mayan purification ceremony

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  • Chaga tea

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The beautiful and tranquil setting of Costa Rica makes this an ideal oasis for relaxation and spiritual connection. Tucked away from the distractions of the bustling world, it is the perfect place for contemplation and renewal. Practice yoga and meditate in tropical paradise. Relax. Nourish yourself. Discover bliss! Find inspiration....and stillness. Deepen your soul connection.

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