The Role of Enzymes in Your Optimal Health

Enzymes do more than just assist with digestion. Enzymes are complex nucleic acids that act as a catalyst for every biochemical reaction. In human physiological terms enzymes are the spark of life. Enzymes play a key role in not just our digestive function but are critical for every other metabolic process as well.

Metabolic enzymes are the required for growth, cellular repair, every muscle movement, every sense, every thought, every action, every word we speak and every other biological process. Metabolic enzymes play a key role in our health, energy and vitality. We have a limited capacity to make metabolic enzymes. It is very much in our best interest to preserve our bodies precious metabolic enzymes as much as we can throughout our lives in order to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Digestive enzymes help to break down food into their smaller component parts and prepares them for assimilation. This process starts in the mouth with our saliva and continues in the stomach and into the small intestine with a variety of other secretions. When it comes to digestive enzymes there are over 200 different types. Most will fall into three different families:

  1. Amalyse for the digestion of carbohydrates

  2. Protease for the digestion of proteins

  3. Lipase for the digestion of fats

Enzymes are found in all living things – plant and animal. While your body is capable of producing enzymes for digestion it is better to eat food that has its own enzymes still intact. Plants in their original raw and unprocessed state are replete with bio-identical enzymes which makes the digestion and assimilation process much easier and more efficient.

To better understand how enzymes work, consider what happens when a peach falls from a tree. When it hits the ground the cell walls of the peach are broken and a bruise develops at the point of contact. The enzymes are liberated and the peach begins to digest itself. The same process occurs when we chew the peach. The release of enzymes greatly reduces the burden of digestion from your body since it does not have to go through the taxing process of manufacturing enzymes for the digestion of the peach.

Enzymes are heat sensitive. When we cook our food we destroy the enzymes that are contained within that food. This means our bodies must shift from using our precious enzymes for metabolic functions using them to digest our food. This makes digestion less efficient and requires more energy. When you eat a raw food meal the energy expended in processing that food is reduced form 80% to only 20% compared to a cooked food meal. The less energy you expend on digestion the more energy you have available for life.

Cooked food also has less nutrients in them due to the heating process. We absorb less of the few remaining nutrients due to a lack of enzymes in the food. These factors combined weaken the immune system and make us more susceptible to disease. Raw food has more available nutrients and they are easier to assimilate. The more nutrients available to our cells the healthier and stronger they become which will boost your immune system. The more raw foods you eat the more enzymes you will get!

More available nutrients, better absorption, stronger immune system and more vital energy all combine to give you the greatest potential of the best health and optimizing your opportunity to create the best version of yourself. The more enzymes you have inside of you the more alive you become!

In some cases supplementation can be helpful. Not all enzyme supplements are created equal. For the best absorbstion using cellular resonant technology I recommend a high quality enzyme supplement from Premier Research Labs which can be found here.